In 140 Characters or Less : #PitchingOnTwitter Part I

Part 1: The Art of the Twitter Pitch

#PitchingOnTwitter Tell me your story, in one hundred and forty characters or less #novelpitch RT Please

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This post is the first of a 3 part series about pitching your book on Twitter. Come back Tues for Part II and Wed for Part III #novelpitch

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This should be my shortest post yet, but I am not sure I will be able to pull that off. #brevityrequired

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I am writing this post as I might post on Twitter, so please forgive the grammar, or lack thereof. #amwriting BUT Spelling still counts!

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There are many opportunities to pitch your book on Twitter. #Pitmad Search hashtags for examples and info. Click here for more Brenda Drake

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It isn’t as easy as it looks. You need to create a hook in 1-2 short sentences. Remember to include the correct hashtag ex #pitmad

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Hashtags are also a necessity for genre, ex: #SF #R and age group #MG #YA. See below for full list from Brenda Drake.

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Prepare ahead of time. Write your tweets and try them on a friend. (post them here if you like for feedback) #novelpitch

(120 Characters)

Multiple tweets can be used, but assume they won’t be read together. You might want to write a cliffhanger… (1 of 2) #T #WF #pitmad

(132 Characters)

… But the payoff might be read before the cliffhanger, spoiling the fun. Try different versions of the same hook. (2 of 2) #T #WF #pitmad

(137 Characters)

Diana Urban wrote a great post about this (she initially got an agent via #Pitmad) #winner dianaurban

(101 Characters)

#Pitmad is coming up on Sept 10th. Time to get to work on your micro pitches! #pitmad #novelpitch #amwriting RT

(111 Characters)

Post your fav pitches here. Better yet, try to write a twitter pitch for a famous book. I’ll write a post about the best ones. #novelpitch

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Below is the full list of hashtags, as recommended by Brenda Drake. Come back tomorrow for (Part II) some sample pitches #novelpitch

(131 Characters)


Sub-hashtags …


#A = Adult

#CB = Chapter Book

#ER = Earlier Reader

#MG = Middle Grade

#NA = New Adult

#PB = Picture Book

#YA = Young Adult

#WF = Woman’s Fiction


#CF = Christian Fiction

#CR = Contemporary Romance

#E = Erotica

#HF = Historical Fiction

#LF = Literary Fiction


#M = Mystery

#Mem = Memoir

#NF = Non-fiction

#PR = Paranormal Romance

#R = Romance

#S = Suspense

#SFF = Science Fiction and Fantasy

#T = Thriller

#W = Western

Come back tomorrow for sample pitches and more on crafting a twitter pitch. Please Retweet RT to your friends.

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