“So tell me about your book?”

That is a question that every author craves and dreads. Those simple words crack open the door to a potential new fan who might read every word you write, or a rejection all the more personal because you are face to face. We know. We have all been there.

Welcome to Novel Pitch!! This site is devoted to helping authors develop one key skill that we all need, making a great pitch. Pitching is something every developing author learns is a skill that requires regular, even daily practice to master. It is also a skill that you can use every day to test new ideas, promote your works and hone your craft.

Together we have shared some of the best (and hardest) lessons learned from our own experiences pitching to editors, agents, book sellers, other authors and even our own families. The lessons are entertaining, funny, sometimes painful but always insightful.

But I am a writer, why do I need to pitch?

Great question! Every time someone asks you about your novel you have been given an opportunity to tell them a few short words or sentences about your work. Your audience wants to be enticed, teased or invited into the world you have captured in your book, but doesn’t have time in that moment to read or hear the whole story. As the author, you have the burden of distilling your treatise down to something short, memorable and pithy that they will remember, and might bring them back for more.

But I have written a 100,000 words of beautiful prose, how can I possibly tell that story in a few short words?

That is why we are here to help. We have all been there. Everyone who has contributed to this website has written a book, published or not and has had the experience of pitching that book. We have been in front of the biggest editors and agents in the traditional publishing industry and have experienced rejection. We have also been in front of our friends and family to pitch our works and have been met with similar, more personal rejection. There are lessons to be learned from each.

“OK. Tell me more about your site?”

At Novel Pitch we believe in Authors, like you! Novel Pitch is a resource for authors, new or seasoned to create and perfect their pitch. Within the site you will find a number of great resources created to break a pitch down and simplify each step in the process. The site is focused on the skills for fiction authors to land an agent and sell their novel to editors, but the skills and process are applicable to writers creating works of any type (fiction, nonfiction, children, YA, MG, Adult) that they hope to sell in a commercial market.

A good place to start is 9 Steps to a Great Pitch. Our 9 Step process will take you through the mechanics of making a pitch and some of the best tips and tricks to be prepared when an editor, an agent or your neighbor asks you “So tell me about your book.”

Within you will also find testimonials from both newbie and seasoned authors on their best, or worst experiences pitching. These stories, paired with actual pitches, can give you an insight into the process like no other.


We are also watching the trends in pitching and will continue to write and comment on everything from Pitch Sessions at conventions to Online pitch opportunities via Skype or Twitter. Check back for regular updates.

Created in 2015, Novel Pitch is a site by authors, for authors. The site is a work in progress (like most of our novels). Please bear with us as the site continues to develop and grow. Content is being added and updated regularly, with new voices in the mix all the time.

Thanks for coming to visit! Make yourself comfortable and stay for a while.

Keep writing and keep pitching!

Novel Pitch

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