For Conference / Pitch Organizers

Thanks for coming to visit ! This site is a place where writers are helping writers to learn and improve the craft of pitching their work. One key feature of the site is that I am tracking and posting about upcoming opportunities to pitch to Agents or Editors. Each month I post an update on the coming month’s opportunities and I maintain a list of all upcoming writer’s conferences in the USA highlighting the ones that include pitch opportunities. I also try to maintain a list of other pitch opportunities that may occur at Book Fairs, Comic Conventions, Online via Twitter or Skype or through other venues as I learn about them. This isn’t an easy task, so I could use your help.

If you are a conference organizer and are trying to get the word out please send me a note so I can update my list of events. I need the following information to update the list:

  • Conference Name
  • Location
  • Dates
  • Website
  • A one line description of the conference.
  • A description of the pitch opportunity – pitch slam, individual Agent appointments, etc.

I typically post within 72 hours of when I receive the information. I will also email you with any updates.

If your conference has a separate deadline for registration related to pitching, or if your pitch sessions are filled please update me and I will update my list.

Lastly, feel free to send anyone who is signed up for Pitch Sessions a link to for tips and resources on how to prepare for their pitch. The site is free to all and intended for exactly that purpose with new testimonials appearing each week and a growing set of tools for writers preparing to pitch.

Thanks for all that you do in helping writers to realize their dreams!

You can reach me at

PS If you have an amazing success story from your conference where an aspiring Author landed an Agent or solidified a book deal please share it. I am always looking for guest posts about the successes of pitching.


2 thoughts on “For Conference / Pitch Organizers

  1. As conference chair for Wyoming Writer’s Inc. 42nd conference scheduled for June 3-5, 2016, I will be in touch later. Our Board is still working out details, venue, etc. I would like to receive an email with contact information so that when I do have the exact and complete information I might send it your way. Echo Klaproth can be reached at: Thank you …


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