Sample Pitch: One Hundred Men by Heidi Doheny Jay, M.S.

One Hundred Men as delivered by Heidi Doheny Jay, M.S. at the 2015 Writer’s Digest Annual Pitch Slam

My project is non-fiction and it’s based on interviews I did with men where I asked them about their experiences with women and how they feel about relationships, sex and love.

Men have a lot to say about relationships, but no one ever asks them.

If there were no judgments or repercussions waiting for men on the other side of what they have to say, then they would share a lot more. I found this to be true in my over 400 interviews of married, single and divorced men between the ages of 21-79 from various races and backgrounds.

This project is unique in that it focuses solely on men’s desires, perspectives and emotions as they relate to women, sex and love. It’s definitely for the curious person who wants to delve deeply into the male psyche and have an open conversation about sexuality and men’s emotions in a world filled with taboos, stereotypes and stigmas.

I believe that we need to shift the focus toward men and begin asking them how they’re feeling and acknowledge that they too need support, their feelings do get hurt and they also feel lonely and isolated at various times in their lives.

I believe men’s needs and desires expand far beyond porn, the remote control and a good beer. And while I think these things are important to men, they’re not the only things that matter and I would argue they barely scratch the surface.

I’m happy to be the writer to provide men’s perspective from this unique vantage point.


I have a degree in Psychology and I’m a columnist for the online newspaper, The Boca Raton Tribune, where they feature my column: Sex, Lust & Love. My column is based on my book and every other week I reveal men’s answers to one of the interview questions. I’m also a contributing writer for Singles Warehouse Expert Dating site and I’ve had a few short stories published.

Twitter: @onehundred_men:                     14K followers

Instagram: @onehundredmen:                 4,100 followers                500 followers

To find out more about how Heidi prepared for her pitch you can read her testimonial here.


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