Sample Pitch: The Divine Heart by Danielle R. Mani

The Divine Heart delivered by Danielle R. Mani at the 2015 Writer’s Digest Annual Conference Pitch Slam.

The Divine Heart

My name is Danielle R. Mani and I’ve written a young adult paranormal mystery titled The Divine Heart. Abigail Collins needs a heart transplant, or she won’t live to see her twenty-third birthday. Lucky for her, Stella Kane is the perfect match.

Sixteen-year-old Stella is the polar opposite of her popular, fashion conscious, twin sister, Leila. By contrast, Stella’s favorite go-to beauty products are a hair tie and lip balm. Stella is different from Leila in another way too—a clairvoyant and medium, Stella can communicate with spirits and has spontaneous visions of the future. In a strange twist of fate, Stella gets a vision of Leila being attacked, only to be killed herself by an unknown assailant.

When Abigail receives Stella’s heart, she not only receives a new lease on life, but unwelcome paranormal abilities. Confused by the mysterious messages she’s receiving, Abigail turns to her cardiologist, the young and handsome Doctor Scott Carmichael.

Doctor Carmichael has it all—brains, status, money, but he strives for more. Raised by his single clairvoyant mother who prefers reading palms to books, Dr. Carmichael is determined to prove there is life after death and Abigail Collins—by way of Stella’s heart—is going to help him do it!

Somewhere between the boundaries of life and death, Abigail—desperate to make sense of her strange new abilities—and odd new behaviors—will answer deceased Stella’s call for help to protect Leila. As suspicions mount, a Kane family secret will be revealed. As the conspiracy unravels, lives and worlds collide and Abigail must use Stella’s abilities to guide her to the truth, save Leila, and, possibly, herself, before it’s too late!

The Divine Heart is a standalone title but could also be a series.

You can find out more about how Danielle prepared here:


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