We have all had that moment, after we have signed up for a conference. We’ve laid down some cold hard cash to participate in a pitch slam. There is a moment of calm, and then the dam breaks and the flood of questions begins…

  • Who do I get to pitch?
  • What is the room like?
  • How long will I have to talk with them?
  • What should I say?
  • Can I bring a written copy of my pitch?
  • What will I write?
  • What do I wear?
  • Are they nice, or mean?

…and so on and so on. We all have so many questions. It is reasonable. This is an experience like no other. One way or another we need to get the answers to these questions, but how? Where?

In the pages that follow you will read, (and in some cases see and hear) testimonials from individuals who have gone through this before. They are all aspiring authors at different stages in their own journey to publication. Each post is paired with the pitch that they delivered, so you can read about both the experience of giving the pitch and the pitch itself. They have been generous with what they have shared. Please be generous with your feedback. Everyone is looking to improve and comments are welcome.

Links to Testimonials: Newest on Top

Walt Gregg – Pitching a Military Thriller at ThrillerFest!

Gloria Chao – What is it really like to WIN Pitchapalooza?

Kristi Chestnutt – Pitching YA at 2015 Writer’s Digest Conference

Amy M. Hawes – Two Pitches, One Author

Jaime Zakian – Straight from Twitter to Publication!

Ron Delaney Jr. – Remember his MG Fantasy Pitch from the 2014 Writer’s Digest Conference

Heidi Doheny Jay, M.S. – Pitching Nonfiction at 2015 Writer’s Digest Conference

Briana MacPerry – Pitching Romance at RWA2015

Danielle R. Mani – Pitching YA/NA Paranormal Romance at NY Pitch Conference and 2015 Writer’s Digest Conference

Victor Sweetser – Pitching Fantasy and Science Fiction at the 2015 Writer’s Digest Conference

Ralph Walker – Pitching Science Fiction at the 2015 Writer’s Digest Conference


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